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Introducing the N-index

May 21, 2014


Academic indices such as the H-index, i10-indexnumber of citations, etc are blunt instruments with which to measure the greatness of a scientist. Crucially, none of these so-called indices takes into account the most effective tool we have to assess quality: intuition – the ability to just know.

To correct this great wrong, we are proud to announce the new, peer-reviewed Neurorant-Index (NR-index).

All we need now are conduits of Insight, of Fast Thinking, of Thinking Without Thinking, to channel their psyches. Science needs you:

We have included some neuroscientists from the field (courtesy of Google Scholar) to be assessed with the new index. If you want to be included, please tweet us a photo to @neurorant (apologies if you are included and are not a neuroscientist)

Finally we have an unambiguous measure of scientific prowess. Know that you can now add this to your CV (with no shame). We pre-accept your thanks for providing this important public service.

Let the new (not false) dawn begin!

Results tba.


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